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EMV Solutions for Micros, Aloha, and others

Elite Card Processing LLC now has EMV Solutions for Restaurant POS Systems

For businesses currently using a Micros, Aloha, POSiTouch, InfoGenesis, or Dinerware, Elite Card Processing LLC has an EMV pay at table or tip adjust solution for you.  

Resellers may have advised existing merchants before that there wasn't a solution for EMV solution since Oracle acquired Micros. Resellers are recommending the purchase of a completely new system which will cost thousands to get a comparable model.

With the integration that Elite Card Processing LLC is offering, they can integrate your current POS system with a new payment device to allow pay at the table or even tip adjust with EMV.  You will not be required to purchase a new micros or upgrade your current system.  With their technology it allows you to move the payment processing piece to a newer PCI compliant device and process your payments securely over the largest network in the US.  This can be done with a mobile device that merchants can take to the table and allow customers to process their payment with EMV and signature on the device or you can place it behind the counter.


Elite Card Processing LLC explains that this integration is connected directly to your existing system and that EMV is offered either at pay at the table or in tip adjust mode.  The processing is PCI compliant running on the largest network in the US.  The setup is easy as well as the training.  The estimated time is less than 1 hour and training is provided to ensure that you are 100% familiar with the process.  Tech support is 24/7 so there is no need to continue to work through your current vendor for PCI updates or for the payment processing module.    This new integration will be a revolution to the restaurant industry.

Fully integrates directly to your current solution

EMV Pay at the table

EMV with tip Adjust

Processing done on the world's largest network

Become PCI compliant with the EMV acceptable hardware

No need to work through your current vendor

Setup time is less than 1 hour

24/7 365 tech support

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