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Elite Card Processing
Toll Free: 1-877-415-8627
Local: 240-329-9424

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Megan Osborn

GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PRICES. Who could ask for more??? I was shopping for a new card processor when Josh walked in my door. He was very clear about what he could offer me and every facet of his service is miles above his competition. I save money every month, but the stellar customer service makes Elite the best value you will ever find for a small business like mine. I suggest Elite to anyone I get into a conversation with about card processing at their business. SWITCH TODAY because every minute you spend with someone else you are losing both money and time as well as peace of mind.

Megan Osborn

We have been with elite card processing for about two months now and am very pleased. The rates are the best we have had and Josh is great to work with. If there is a question or a problem, which are pretty much nonexistent, he is on hand or quick to respond and personally take care of. I highly recommend elite card processing for your business needs.

Chris Ranieli

Josh truly cares about his customers. Customer service and attention to detail is phenomenal, there has never been a time when I've sent an email or placed a phone call, that hasn't been answered immediately, even after hours.

Daniel Henley

Wow, I just can't say enough good about Josh Hoffman and his business "Elite Card Processing", bottom line, he is keeping more of my money, in MY pocket!! He came out walked me through everything, did everything as promised! Super smooth transition, don't throw any more money away in fees with those big companies, CALL HIM NOW!!! He is always just a phone call away!!! 😃

Giancarlo Angelini

Josh is great to work with and he always provides great customer service.

Paul McAllister

Great company, but Josh is the man. If he says he is going to do it he does it. In my 40+ years of being in the music business I have met very few that can match his standards.

Carpenters Music

This company is expertly run with experience and professionalism along with great rates and customer service. If you have any need for credit card processing services, this is the company for you.

Jessica Smith

Love having someone local to speak with and the service is superior! Rates are great and Josh is the best!

Teresa Huntzberry

Rates are great compared to others, and Josh is the best representative that we have had, always there that day to help with any problem.

Ricky Bennett

Josh is the reason our business will NEVER change credit card processors.

Phil Hott

Josh made it very easy for us to switch to Elite and is always there if we have a question. He has pulled over on the side of the road just to look something up for me. Great service and great rates!

Allison Grove

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