Clever POS

When combined with the powerful cloud software,
the Clever POS gives your business unparalleled technology without the cost of traditional systems.

The Clever POS system includes everything needed for a retail or restaurant to get started. It includes an affordable hardware bundle, cloud-based software and payment processing. Since it is a cloud-based system, back-office tools are available from anywhere and it is completely plug-and-play. It provides unlimited storage and can manage unlimited inventory sku's. It allows you to generates sales reports and helps manage loyalty programs with the option to easily add products and categories or manage multiple devices from a single account for streamlined management.

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Application / Software Features

Integrated Payments-We offer the lowest rates possible and make it convenient 

Loyalty Program-Reward your customer when they shop with you even if it's online.

Discounts and coupons-setup auto discounting or happy hours and have them run on a schedule.

E-Commerce/Integrated Online food ordering platform.  Keep integrated reports and know when a customer places and order even if it's online.

Real Time Analytics-Know exactly how your store is doing even when you're not there.

Time and Attendance- Allow your employees to clock in and out on your POS

Virtual Office-Make updates from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Surcharging and Cash Discounting-Pay $0.00 for credit card processing.  Eliminate processing fees!

Hardware-Ipad versions or all in one systems with a sleek and modern look to them

Multi Location-Manage all of your stores at one back office and run menu updates to all of your stores at a lick of a button

invoicing-Send invoices out to your customers or vendors and have them pay directly through the link

Kitchen Printing-Advanced kitchen printing, tell the system to print to multiple kitchen printers or separate per menu items

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