The Complete Restaurant Cloud POS

for iPad and Android


​Intro to Aldelo Cloud POS

Aldelo's Cloud-native Restaurant POS system, Aldelo Express, is a full-featured restaurant tech platform to enable restaurants and bars simplify operations and maximize efficiency.

Aldelo Express Restaurant POS platform provides an end-to-end eco-system of products and services to help restaurants and bars achieve more with fewer staff.

Aldelo Express is simple to setup and easy to use. It's a truly complete Restaurant POS System.


Modern Restaurant Demands More

Restaurants today are faced with multiple challenges, from staff shortages, rising costs, increased customer service expectations, seamless online and in-store ordering experiences just to name a few.

Aldelo Express helps restaurants and bars overcome various challenges with its modern restaurant tech solutions, such as our popular iPad and Android based Restaurant POS, with easy to setup integrated Online Ordering.


Achieve More with Aldelo

Aldelo Express offers seamless third party integrated order and delivery services such as DoorDash and UberEats, and it's all part of the native experiences that just works.

Smart Kitchen Displays, Self-Order Kiosks, Table-Side QR Ordering, Fast Pay Wallets, Multi-Store Gift & Loyalty, Mobile Order & Pay at Table, are just some of our Restaurant Tech solutions that enable restaurants and bars to achieve more.


Modern Restaurant Demands More

Whether you're a restaurateur or a business servicing restaurants and bars, Aldelo's modern Restaurant POS Solutions is ready to help.

Aldelo offers 24/7 live tech support, automated app updates, and our restaurant pos solutions are hardware independent for maximum flexibility.

Give us a call at 877-639-8767 to discuss your needs, and our product advisors can tailor a total package based on your requirements.

Aldelo Express Cloud POS

Complete Restaurant POS for Android Tablets


Customize Your Own POS Ecosystem with Non-Proprietary Hardware:

​​Full-Featured Intuitive POS Supporting Simple Order Entry to ​Complex Pizza Combinations

Aldelo Express Cloud POS delivers a competitive edge. Achieve optimum performance and operational excellence in high-volume operations with a highly customizable solution that supports both stationary and mobile applications

  • Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars  via non-proprietary POS hardware
  • Customize your POS operation with merchant- and customer-facing apps
  • ​Free POS Software and Unbeatable Merchant Processing Rates via Aldelo Pay or Aldelo Merchant Partner Services​
  • Simple to complex POS solutions made for Restaurants, Bars, Pizza Places, Food Trucks, Pop-Ups, and More
  • Set Individual Employee POS/Cloud Access Privileges
  • ​POS Devices Auto Connect, Sync, and Store Data Through Wi-Fi or Cellular Data Networks
  • Support Masa+ Digital Ordering and Payments Integration and Smart Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • Business Reporting and Analytics from Any Device, Anywhere and Anytime

Aldelo Express Cloud POS

Complete Restaurant POS for Android Tablets

Customize Your Own POS Ecosystem with Non-Proprietary Hardware:



Secures the point of sale, manager functions, and employee timecards utilizing biometrics to map and ​identify staff facial features



Speeds up the menu building process
by detecting words being typed
and presenting menu item
​naming options



Reduces customer disputes and chargebacks by identifying and auto-correcting tip calculation ​errors on paper receipts

Full Featured Restaurant Tech Platform

​Achieve More with Aldelo Express Cloud POS