POS System also known as Point of Sale System

Elite offers Point of Sale solutions for Traditional use of POS, Mobile POS, Delivery POS, Table side QSR POS.  Our Point of Sale solutions are cloud-based, and run on PC’s, MAC’s and mobile devices.  Our team of Point of Sale experts are rated #1 in professional installation, services and support of our top rated POS systems.

Elite offers and specializes in point of sale systems for many business types.  Point of Sale systems help business owners to better manage and grow their business. Continue reading to learn more about how our POS systems can help you take business to the next level.  We proudly serve the Hagerstown, MD area – but also travel to our neighbors in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and many https://tagheuer.to/ more areas.  Our Point of Sale options are a great fit for many types of businesses.

We serve restaurants, retail, small businesses, pizza shops, liquor stores, salon & spas.

Our Restaurant POS software can accommodate QSR and carry-out orders.  The point of sale also can support a delivery service or personal delivery by your restaurant.  Complete point of sale flexibility.  Reach out to our Maryland office for a quote today.

Our point of sale also has integrated payment processing with many great features to enhance your point of sale experience.

Our point of sale solutions were designed with both merchant and customer in mind.  We have the leading point of sale options in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia area.

Our clients love our high quality hardware that is tested with our point of sale frequently to ensure a perfect pairing in every business type.

Out point of sale software has mobile options for our local food trucks – or any off-site event you want to pop-up at in the community or across the country.  All sales and inventory changes are made immediately so you are always in the know.  Point of sale systems are a hot commodity; how do you know what to choose?  Our Elite team can work with you and determine which of our POS solutions will best serve your business.

We are a full service Point of Sale partner.  We have multiple point of sale solutions that will fit in to any type of business and enhance the way you do business.  We offer full installation services of your Point of Sale system, and the top rated support by local and onsite technicians within our Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia communities.

We have worked with the best POS software developers to ensure our point of sale solutions are the best in class and easy to use.  We are constantly working with clients to consistently improve the systems and further innovate the best technology.

Making sure your POS system is reliable in your fast-paced and rough constant use environment is our number one priority.  We make it our commitment to provide a reliable and durable point of sale system with tested hardware to last in any business.  Our mission is to ensure your business can always take a customer order, and keep you profitable.

It is so important for businesses tro have a point of sale system that has of the components to keep your business excelling.  From inventory management to reporting – our point of sale solutions in the Hagerstown, MD & surrounding areas are what you need to grow, and jump ahead of your competitors.  Our hardware is easy to use and is tested in the high traffic areas of restaurants and retail alike.

One thing our point of sale customers cannot get enough of, is the sleek and sexy look to the hardware options we currently have available.  Not only do our systems look good, they run better than any of our competition in the fast paced client environments we partner with.

Our point of sale systems offer efficiency and better order management.  This keep your customers happy, and your employees busy.  Another key ingredient of our POS system is the ability it haas to help small business grow, but also can keep up with our clients that have multiple locations.  The point of sale system can scale to accommodate your expansion plans.

Our solutions are suitable for all size businesses and several industries.  We can bundle hardware and software with install services for an affordable solution in your area.  We have clients in Hagerstown, MD and all of the surrounding cities, as well as Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  Our clients are so happy with our excellent response and support times whether it be by phone, or onsite.  Our point of sale client love our amazing support tech’s and their incredible wealth of knowledge in finding solutions and keeping their business up and running.

We also love to enhance the way you use your point of sale system without of the box thinking and ideas to keep you ahead of all other competition and their outdated and underserved systems.

Having a point of sale can offer so many amazing opportunities to increase ticket size, and create client satisfaction from point of purchase to the great specific marketing their receive based on their purchases and your information tracking.  This enhances the overall customer experience and keeps them coming back for more.  The better you do, the better our community does.  We love being a witness to the growth we see from our clients love and use of our Pos systems.

By using our Elite equipment your clients will be so happy with a seamless transaction, and your employees will feel confident in your passion for making their environment amazing to work in.

Our great team is very excited to learn about your business and how our point of sale options can fuel your next step of growth.  Point of Sale Systems are everywhere, make sure that you partner with a POS vendor that knows what it https://www.celinereplica.re/ takes to check every box.  From iPad solutions, to sleek and slender stands and back again with cash drawer options and receipt printers…we have the solution for you.

Our restaurant clients couldn’t be happier with the quick ticket printing for orders as they come in.  No more trying to read server handwriting, now the point of sale software will send a message to the kitchen that comes our printed with every detail needed to complete the customers order.  No more incorrect orders or wasted food.  Our system empowers you to serve your customers quickly and correctly.

No matter what type of business you are – if you are selling a product or service or BOTH to a customer, we want to help you fill any gaps in your current point of sale process.  Increase sales with the best point of sale technology in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  This isn’t just our opinion, our POS clients cannot get enough of the great service and solutions that we have brought them.

Our point of sale experts are eager to help you implement an amazing solution to keep your point of sale process seamless and engaging for your customers.  Our implementation team is skilled in installations for all size businesses and very complex menus and inventories.  Our support staff is highly skilled and trained in the point of sale solutions we offer and more.  Our tech and sales teams are proficient in the POS industry, and that gives them a set of skills that can help you attain new heights in your business.

Our leadership team has secured the best relationships with many vendors in the point of sale industry to ensure we always have the best hardware, and best price.  With the number of vendors we do business with it also ensures that we have a tested solution in stock even with numerous companies experiencing shortages and back orders.  We have something that will fill your point of sale needs today.


Industries served with our POS Systems

Gas Station POS

Small Business POS

Restaurant & Bar POS

Hospitality POS

Pizza POS

Liquor Store POS

Retail POS

Grocery POS

Salon & Spa POS

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