Can I Really Do It All With Clever POS? Our Features Explained

Spoiler Alert - Yes!

A popular piece of equipment and sales management for new businesses is a Point of Sale System (POS), which makes tracking your resources and storing your data much easier. Elite Card Processing has made it easier by offering the best features at the most competitive pricing on the market. In addition to the standard real time analytics, virtual office, and discounts & coupons, let’s explore some of our great extended features.

Advanced Kitchen Printing

Basic kitchen printing features automated kitchen ticket printing from any connected POS — even table-side. The included advanced kitchen printing features tell the system to print to multiple kitchen printers or separate ones based on menu items. Run a sushi station, full-service bar, and gourmet kitchen without your staff needing to submit separate tickets or backend staff searching through full tickets to find what they’re responsible for. Kitchen ordering made simple with Clever POS.

Bartender mixing a cocktail
shopper enters credit card number online


Clever POS includes invoice management for handling of payment invoices. Directly through the POS system, the management program sends invoices for payments owed to customers or vendors, allowing them to pay  through the link. Paired with the e-Commerce/ integrated online food ordering platform and multi-location services, the invoice management feature is fully integrated and can be managed from nearly anywhere.

Loyalty Program

If you’re looking for an effective way to build a solid customer base, encourage repeat visits, and manage purchase discounts for loyal customers, you need a simple loyalty program. Keep track of all your loyal customers with ease with the Clever POS. With full integration, you can reward your customers when they shop with you, whether in-store or online.

shopper and clerk smiling
hairstylist on iPad at salon

Calendar App

Schedule appointments and keep track of bookings at multiple locations and online with the integrated calendar app. Using the scheduling app allows you and your employees to access staff calendars at multiple locations to set appointments, and works with the loyalty program to store and populate client data. Additionally, your clients can pay at the same POS station you manage their appointment at. The best part? The calendar app comes standard with ECP’s Clever POS at no additional cost.

Elite Card Processing is here to give small business owners the best features possible. In the very near future we’ll be able to offer everything we’ve already discussed plus marketing, kiosk, and QuickBook integration. What can we help you with today?