Why You Should Choose ECP As Your Partner: Our Mission Explained

Don’t Leave Your Payment Processing to Just Anyone

Elite Card Processing was developed by a banker with experience in credit card processing and working at a major credit card company. He recognized the need for small business owners to find an affordable and simple way to keep up with their customer demands and organize inventory, and this was the birth of ECP’s solutions. We know you’ve got options when it comes to  your card processing options, here’s a few reasons you should choose to partner with us.

High Quality

It’s not enough to simply develop a product and attempt to sell it. At Elite Card Processing, we are in the business of helping small businesses grow, and that means offering the highest quality products, software, and services. From simple credit card terminals to ATM machines and complete POS systems, we only offer our clients the latest technology and most transformational products.

hairdresser and client checking out at POS system
A customer swipes credit card

Affordable Options

At ECP, we understand the struggle of small businesses to reduce overhead and have seen far too many businesses either not accept card payments or have to price gouge their products to offset the cost of doing card business. In a world where the future is cashless, we knew we needed to offer affordable solutions that allowed small businesses to flourish. We are proud that all of our products are fairly priced and our features meet or exceed competitor’s products.


Beyond starting out as a small business ourselves, our president comes from a long background of banking, credit card processing and issuing, and payment processing. He’s seen the industry from all angles. By staffing and collaborating with some of the most talented industry leaders, ECP is able to create and offer some of the most transformational products that offer direct value to merchants and customers alike.

a barista uses handheld credit card processor to run credit card
kitchen staff reads an order ticket

All Inclusive

At Elite Card Processing, we are proud to be so much more than a card processing company, rather a customer solution company! We offer all-inclusive services from ATM machines and business phone systems to Clever point of sale systems and weapons merchant account assistance. For products where the “other guys” charge for add-ons, we include them as the standard.

Elite Card Processing is here to give small business owners the best products at prices they can afford. We are on a mission and that mission is to help your business succeed. When you partner with us, you get much more than card processing, you get the total package!