What Small Business Owners Need To Know About Merchant Services

What Small Business Owners Need To Know About Merchant Services

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Whether you’re beginning your entrepreneurial journey or you’re a veteran of the retail game, having a merchant account with Elite Card Processing can open doors to a more efficient way of collecting payment, giving you back time and money — the two things that are most important to every business owner. Here’s a look at how we make your check-out process run like a well-oiled machine.

Person at a bar or restaurant paying for their tab using a credit card that’s processed by a POS system.

Behind-The-Scenes Processes Required For A Business To Accept Payments

For your customers to pay the way they like,  it’s not as simple as it sounds. It can take a few behind-the-scenes processes before a business can accept certain payment from its customers. You have to consider authorization, authentication, the clearing and settlement of the funds, and you have to be able to do that in seconds because your customers have places to be! Let Elite Card Processing’s Merchant Account services take the headache out of your checkout experience, allowing you time to spend it where it matters — helping your customers!

Someone paying a business using NFC technology on their smartphone.

Technology-Based Hardware And Software

We deliver not only quick service but flexible processing solutions that enable you to benefit from increased sales. To do that, we use only technology-based equipment for our hardware and software. From multiple physical terminal selections to Check/ACH processing services, our systems are top of the line and ready to work for you!  Merchant accounts never looked so good.

Purchase made at a businesses using a POS terminal and a smartphone.

Online Payment Gateways Vs. Credit Card Terminals

When it comes to the standard way of paying for goods in-store, the classic credit card tap has fast become the way of shopping, but to receive those funds, your payment has to be processed by your terminal, then sent to a processor for the amount to be cleared to make its way to you. When it comes to an Online Payment Gateway, the processor and the fees that go with them are eliminated. Instead, the charge is processed by an encrypted application that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-commerce, online retailers, or any other card-not-present transactions.

Young small business owner holding a sign that reads “Come in! We’re open!”

Merchant Cash Advances: We Do That!

We know that unexpected expenses often pop up when you run a small business. When you have a merchant account with Elite Card Processing, you can cash in by participating in our Merchant Cash Advances. There is no faster, safer, or easier way to get cash for your business. We advance the funds you need, and we take a small percentage off the total purchases each business day until you’ve paid back the amount borrowed. Turn tomorrow’s credit card sales into today’s cash flow.

If you’re looking to begin a new merchant account or you would just like further information, we welcome all merchants to contact Elite Card Processing today to learn more about our services. Call today to learn more!

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