4 Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make When It Comes to POS Systems

4 Common Mistakes New Business Owners Make When It Comes to POS Systems

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A popular piece of equipment and sales management for new businesses is a Point of Sale System (POS), which makes tracking your resources and storing your data much easier. While this is a must-have tool to help make your business successful, here are Elite Card Processing’s experts tips to avoid common mistakes in choosing a POS System. Learn more about how we can help you process and manage client payments in the most efficient way possible!

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Improper POS System Selection

Just choosing the right Point of Sale System can be the difference between smooth or cumbersome everyday processes. All new business owners must take into account how they plan to interact with customers and what sort of POS system will make their transactions easier. For wait staff constantly on the move, a mobile or tablet-based system could be a better option, whereas partners or cashiers may work best with a traditional terminal system. Elite Card Processing is proud to offer all different variations to best suit your needs!

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Cloud Based vs Local Server

Where all your transaction and payment information is stored must also be considered, as it determines how and where you’ll be able to access it. The traditional Point Of Sale System runs on a local server, meaning all your important data is only stored on your business’ computer network. However, the cloud-based POS allows all your information to be stored online, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world in real time. Elite Card Processing recommends this method, as it makes it easier to manage money at all times.

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Integrated Payments vs Non-Integrated Payments

In short, the difference between integrated and non-integrated payments in POS systems lies in how credit card readers are connected. If non-integrated, the Point Of Sale System and credit cards readers are not connected creating extra transaction steps for both the employee and customer. However, fully-integrated payments allow for a faster, shorter checkout process, due to the connection between the POS and card reader. It is an absolute must to have an Elite Card Processing POS System with fully integrated payments!

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Integrated eCommerce vs Stand Alone System

Much like how new business owners can make the checkout process easier, it’s also possible to make access to your business easier for customers. POS Systems have the ability to be stand-alone — meaning they only handle in-house sales — or to be integrated with eCommerce and online food ordering. Elite recommends the latter, as it increases your business opportunities and makes your services more accessible to online consumers. Your Point Of Sale System should always work for your business, not against it.

Elite Card Processing is here to give small business owners the best hardware and software possible to track where all the profits are coming from. We’re proud to offer different variations of POS so you can find the one that’s right for you!

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