Clever POS

Clever POS (Point of Sale) replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, and bar-code scanner with an integrated suite of products. Accept credit cards, EMV, and Apple Pay. Get to know your business and your customers better with reports you can run at work or from home and applications that streamline your workload.  Clever POS can track time and attendance, track inventory and much more all included with one monthly fee

Clever POS

A state of the are Point Of Sale Terminal that has a crm, loyalty, table mapping for fine dining, and online food ordering all integrated

The Clever POS

The Clever Point of Sale system run on a sleek modern ipad 9th gen or ipad pro or any ios device.  Giving customers flexibility in choosing the hardware of their choice.

Clever POS

Our Clever POS system is built for any industry.  It's best in class for fine dining, retail, salons or any professional that needs online appointment booking, liquor stores, and pizzerias.

Clever POS Integrated Payments-We offer the lowest rates possible and make it convenient and easy to get you setup

Loyalty Program-With Clever PSO Reward your customer when they shop with you even if it's online all included with your license

Discounts and coupons-With Clever POS setup auto discounting or happy hours and have them run on a schedule.

Clever POS

E-Commerce/Integrated Online food ordering platform. Clever POS Keeps integrated reports and knows when a customer places an order even if it's online.

Real Time Analytics-Know exactly how your store is doing even when you're not there.

Time and Attendance- Allow your employees to clock in and out on your POS

Virtual Office-Clever POS allows updates from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Surcharging and Cash Discounting-Clever POS allows surcharging Pay $0.00 for credit card processing.  Eliminate processing fees!

Hardware-Clever POS has Ipad versions or all in one systems with a sleek and modern look to them

Clever POS CRM

Multi Location-Clever POS allows you to manage all of your stores at one back office and run menu updates to all of your stores at a click of a button

invoicing-Clever POS Sends invoices out to your customers or vendors and have them pay directly through the link.  

Kitchen Printing-Clever POS advanced kitchen printing tells the system to print to multiple kitchen printers, or separate ones per menu items


The Clever POS

Toast POS-Growth Plan

Touch Bistro


Loyalty Program

Add on $99.00 

QR Table Side Ordering

Add on $99.00 






Online Food ordering

Add on $50.00

Add on $19.99 and up

Real Time Analytics





Virtual office



Cash Discounting


Add on $19.95

Multi Location 


Advanced Inventory Tracking

Add on $19.95

Split checks

Table Seating mapping

Add on $39.00

Calendar App

Add on $229

Add on $69.00

Gift Cards

Add on $25.00

Add on $29.95 and up

Advanced Kitchen printing




Add on $29.95 and up

QB Integration

3rd party supported unknown cost

Add on $19.95-$39.00


Coming soon

Add on $69.00

Add on $9.95-$49.95





The information in this comparison chart was retrieved by our staff to the best of our ability.  We strongly encourage you to do your own research to confirm the information above.  The data was collected 5/11/2021

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