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Elite Card Processing

Retail & E Commerce Firearm Merchant Accounts

Retail & E Commerce Firearm Merchant Accounts

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Gun friendly merchant account provider – Elite Card Processing LLC

Elite Card Processing is a gun friendly merchant account service provider for all gun, firearms and ammo credit card processing transactions. Tired of being labeled as a “high-risk” merchant by financial institutions and merchant service providers, all due to the fact that you are engaged in the legal business of selling firearms? Having problems setting up merchant accounts in order to conduct business?  It is frustrating, especially since the right to bear arms is protected under the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution, and selling these wares is not illegal. This argument between perceived good versus evil is not going away anytime soon. It’s a fact that this business is controversial, but that doesn’t mean setting up the accounts that you need is an insurmountable problem.

Overcoming Obstacles of credit card online firearm sales

While it’s not fair, it is a fact that most traditional payment processors, such as Paypal and Stripe will not set up accounts with those who deal in firearms, knives, or any concealed weapons, especially on an e-commerce site. The firearms industry is a profitable one that is definitely underserved and we are here to help. Elite Card Processing is a gun friendly merchant account provider with a proven record of credibility serving the firearms industry. We know how the this, and will happily work with the following-

  • Brick and mortar firearm stores
  • Gun makers
  • Parts dealers
  • E-commerce sites

The search for a merchant account provider for your high-risk business can be frustrating, especially finding one that truly understands the needs of your highly specialized field. Elite Card Processing knows this and is here for you with competitive rates and fast approval times.

We take the mystery out of the intricate rules and regulations that have been set forth by the credit card industry. Our staff is experts in firearm merchant accounts and our goal is to setup your merchant account fast, with competitive rates, and backed by the best customer service you will experience.

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